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A small selection of feedback on my classes
Reg (Regina) is an amazing Zumba instructor, not only do you get a great workout, but you have a good laugh.  No matter whether you are a Zumba novice or have done it before she makes you welcome, included and at ease.  The classes have changed my outlook and also great social interaction, within the class.
Reg is a true fitness professional and deserves to go far.  Carol x
I’ve always wanted to try Zumba classes but have not been able to as my knees have dislocated since childhood. However I’ve now had 2 knee replacements, and one of my ambitions, once I’d recovered, was to have a go at Zumba. 
I chose Regina’s classes after seeing her advert in the local magazine. They read very welcoming and inclusive for all abilities and experiences. I felt that her Gold Zumba classes offered me the opportunity to try it out without feeling intimidated by those with far more experience and ability. 
Having had a reassuring chat with Regina beforehand, I attended my first class this week and I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome by the group. Regina was a massive support and she adapted various parts of her dances to ensure I didn’t overdo it with my knees to begin with. Her energetic and warm demeanour makes the classes really enjoyable. Everyone felt comfortable going at their own pace and ability with no pressure on them. 
It was a great experience for me and a massive milestone in my recovery. I will definitely be returning both for the exercise but also the happy social environment her class provides. Oh, and it’s great value too!
I would thoroughly recommend. 
My partner and I have been going to Zumba with Reg for some time now and we both love it. Reg is friendly and always provides a good atmosphere for the classes which can be as intense or low impact as you want them to be.
We are a friendly group and always have a laugh with each other. I personally have never done Zumba before joining Reg’s classes but would recommend it to anyone who is considering giving it a go!
I moved to Gloucester and joined zumba with Reg to meet people. Reg went out of her way to make me feel welcome and everyone has been so friendly. The class caters for all levels and even though I was worried I would be out of my depth, I soon began to learn the moves (although I still get some wrong!).